“From my earliest days, I remember loving two things: the political process and dancing. One might say one part needed the other to make it work.” So begins my recently published book, The Civil Graces Project: The Pursuit for Common Ground, a personal memoir of my race for the U.S. Congress, and an exploration of the self-evident truths that I hope will be transformational in healing our nation.

I always had a burning desire to be of service to a larger purpose. My dream was to be the first woman U.S. President. After my Congressional race, I was so disheartened by what is happening to our nation and the political process. In my heart, I knew there had to be a way to redefine the common ground and dispel the myth that we are a divided nation. Despite the fact we are continually being told we are at odds with one another, I believe we are more interconnected than ever. All the signs are there. We just have to escape from the noise and look for them.  

While I spent much of my career as a real estate broker, helping people find their way home, my passion has always been leadership and public service. Growing up in a huge family, I believe there’s room for everyone at the table, and when we need to, we build a bigger table. After graduating from Western Michigan with degrees in political science, women’s studies, and public policy, I had the privilege of a lifetime to research what it means to be spiritually free at the Fetzer Institute. This opportunity changed my life trajectory and put me on a path to find the hidden wholeness that exists. During my campaign, that understanding played a significant role in the interactions with people I met.  

We have so many of the same concerns and are all trying to find the answers. We need each other to find solutions to our society’s challenges. The opportunity is when we recognize our diversity as a gift and look for the areas where we cross over to the field of common ground. Seldom are issues one-sided. When we genuinely listen and invite people into the conversation, we hear a very different story. I am passionate about human rights and the environment. There is an undeniable link between responsible policies and economic growth, and we need to dispel the myth that they’re mutually exclusive. It doesn’t have to be an ‘either-or.’ Today we have to embrace ‘both-and’ so that there is room for everyone.

When I ran, there were no women in Congress from my state. Women have many strengths to bring to the table, including a different perspective and unique skills in achieving objectives. I want to inspire the next generation to start businesses, champion causes they are passionate about, and manifest their big ideas. We cannot move forward by leaving voices behind. There is something beautiful we each bring to this world. We can discover the possibilities together. There is always a way to make better things happen.

Elizabeth is married to Vince Moro, and together, they have five children on a historic farm where they raise sheep, bees, and heirloom chickens. 

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